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HCI (human-computer interaction) is the study of how people interact with computers and to what extent computers are or are not developed for successful interaction with human beings. As its name implies, HCI consists of three parts: the user, the computer itself, and the ways they work together. The goals of HCI are to produce usable and safe systems, as well as functional systems.

During the past years, the speed of change has been particularly dramatic, with the emergence of personal mobile devices, agent-based technologies, and pervasive and ubiquitous computing. Social networking has also profoundly changed the way people use technology for work and leisure. In response to these technological changes, user populations have diversified and grown. Once limited to workplaces and used only by experts, interactive computational devices and applications are now widely available for everyday use, anywhere, anytime by any and all of us. Though complex institutional infrastructures and communications networks still provide the backbone of our digital communications world, HCI research has strongly affected the marketability of these new technologies and networked systems. The new issues emerging from the development of new technologies and a continually expanding user population require HCI progressionals: practitioners, researchers, and educators who are willing to keep step with technological progress and master new design and evaluation methods and new technical competencies while maintaining the professional and intellectual values, tenets, and perspectives that are unique to this field.

This special issue is devoted to addressing topics the most recent achievements and future trends in human interactions with increasingly complex systems. It covers the fundamentals on interfaces and models, and highlights new challenging industrial applications and research topics. Our main objective is to provide a platform to share and learn the recent developments in various sub-fields of HCI. Today, the world is moving towards Internet of Things(IoT) where the things around us will be smart and can provide and share information with humans as well as with other similar objects. Several ideas, innovations, research and developments are taking place in IOT. It is open to all related communities that share intellectual interests in HCI phenomena and issues. The editorial objective is to enhance and communicate knowledge about the interplay among humans, information, technologies, and tasks in order to guide the development and use of human-centered Information and Communication Technologies and services for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities. We are calling for original papers on a wide range of HCI topics. Authors are invited to submit original papers not published in the proceedings of conferences and archival journals nor submitted for publication in conferences with published proceedings and journals. The topics are related to but not limited to the following.

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“CSI Transactions on ICT” highlights the practical implications of the advances of the technological and associated management issues of ICT. It is targeted to all professionals – researchers, academicians, as well as to the industry, government and policy makers. It will also serve the domain experts in education, healthcare, management and agriculture – attempting to deploy the extensive potential of ICT in their respective domains, striving to bridge the digital divide.

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