CSI Transactions on ICT

ISSN: 2277-9078 (Print Version)
ISSN: 2277-9086 (Electronic Version)
Journal No. 40012

Chief Editor: Prof SV Raghavan Professor, IIT Madras, Chennai, and Former Scientific Secretary to Govt. of India,
Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, and Past President, CSI
Email: sv.raghavan@gov.in

"CSI Transactions on ICT" highlights the practical implications of the advances of the technological and associated management issues of ICT. It is targeted to all professionals – researchers, academicians, as well as to the industry, government and policy makers. It will also serve the domain experts in education, healthcare, management and agriculture – attempting to deploy the extensive potential of ICT in their respective domains, striving to bridge the digital divide.

Areas of Coverage

The initial areas of coverage of the journal have been Systems & Architecture, Software Design & Performance, Cyber & Information Security, Education, Health & Agriculture, Economics, Practice & Management, and, Computing & Computational Science.

In tune with the current trends, “CSI Transactions on ICT” also encourages the authors to submit their work related to the following emerging areas as well.

.............And other related topics of significance

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