The CSI Transactions on ICT is an amalgamation of the Knowledge Creation Pursuits with significant impacts on the advancement of Science and Technology. The CSI Transactions on ICT creates the opportunity to share the benefits of these poineering efforts, and to move strategically into the future, to facilitate knowledge creation and to spread its applications and advantages to society.

A quarterly publication having reviewed papers on all these topics was launched
in 2013, and free access has been provided to the nine issues published so far
on Springerlink. The concept is proven and now it is being scaled up.

Inviting All Professionals
- Academicians, Research Scholars, Aspiring Researchers, Professors,
Heads of Institutions, Industry, Corporate Houses, Governments, Policy Makers -
to subscribe to this exclusive journal to get immensely benefited by technical knowledge
on the leading edge developments and trends in science and technology !

Enrol your subscription and participate in this poineering initiative of knowledge dissemination
and enhance the competencies of the nation to build
A Digital, Ubiquitous India !


 Corporate Subscription: Corporate Houses and Institutions, Colleges are encouraged to subscribe to the publication. The   institutions get multiple access to the journal, according to the subscription. Come and be a part of this exciting venture ! 

 Individual Subscription:  Subscribe and make ue of the opportunity to enhance your technological knowledge on the latest   trends and developments. Enable yourself to upgrade to higher levels ! Yes - it is Growing by Knowing !

    Soliciting Support from:
    •  ICT Companies - Hardware, Software, Communications
    •  Major User Organizations
    •  Universities
    •  Research Organizations
    •  Professionals - Indians and Foreigners




 "Knowledge is Information in Action"