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Special Issue on "Internet of Things" for Scientific and Business Needs

In our hyper connected world where things/objects are connected over internet, many new possibilities emerge. These could be in any setting like a Factory/Home/Hospital/Retail environment/Airport/etc. Various technologies/tools/methods under Internet of Things (IoT) are coming together and moving IoT from hype to reality. Many analysts including McKinsey, Gartner & IDC predict that there could be anywhere from 26 to 30 Billion things connected internet by 2020. A world with a Trillion connected devices is well within the realm of possibility in the coming decade. McKinsey estimates an economic impact of close to 11 Trillion USD by 2025 and 40% of this value will be could be generated in developing economies.

Some of the common IoT use-cases being deployed in different settings are as follows:

  • Factories - Predictive maintenance, optimization of equipment use and optimization of inventory
  • Worksites - Predictive maintenance, health & safety in mining, Oil & gas & construction
  • Sport and Entertainment - Benchmarking, Content consumption, Customer profiling, Personalization
  • Agriculture - "smart farming" techniques use sensor data focused on weather, soil conditions, and pest control to help farmers boost crop yields
  • Healthcare - Wearables to improve the lives of the elderly and chronically ill patients, Fitness aids
  • Retail environment - Self-checkout, Inventory optimization, Supply-chain optimization
  • Vehicles - Condition based maintenance, Driver assist, safety & security, behavior based insurance
  • Cities - Adaptive traffic control, Smart meters, Digital Surveillance, Resource management
  • Home - Security, Energy management, Chore automation

This special issue is devoted to addressing topics in Internet of Things for both business and scientific computing areas. We intend to bring together researchers, practitioners, developers, and users who are interested in Internet of Things to explore new ideas, techniques, and tools, as well as to exchange their experiences. We are calling for original papers on a wide range of IoT topics. Authors are invited to submit original papers not published in the proceedings of conferences and archival journals nor submitted for publication in conferences with published proceedings and journals. The topics are related to but not limited to the following:

  • System architecture for IoT including Sensors, Gateways, IoT Platforms, Fog/Edge computing, addressing requirements like
    QoS, performance, Scalability, Security, Cost and Reliability
  • Sensors - Sensing technology including semiconductor & fabrication, energy harvesting, sensor aggregation
  • Communication protocols pertinent to IoT, Sensor networks, Standards, Interoperability and consolidation- Zigbee, BLE, MQTT, CoAP, OIC, Allseen, OneM2M etc.
  • Industrial applications like Asset management, Predictive maintenance, Route optimization, Inventory optimization, Facility management, Connected cars, Smart building, Smart traffic, Smart security systems, Intelligent health-care systems, Robotics, Drones etc.
  • Security vulnerabilities in IoT and potential solutions and algorithms to combat those
  • Algorithms specific to IoT ; some examples are Inertial navigation, Probabilistic models for clustering, Predictive models on stream data, Noise filtering of sensor data on the edge, Secure onboarding of sensors and devices, etc.
  • Software Engineering for Internet of Things

Important Dates

  • Announcement of CFP: 01-Jul-2016
  • Due: 1-Oct-2016
  • 1st Round of Acceptance Notification: 1-Dec-2016
  • Revision: 31-Dec-2016
  • Final Acceptance Notification: 15-Jan-2017
  • Publication of the Special Issue: 1-Feb-2017

Special Issue Editors

  • Dheemanth Nagaraj, Senior Principal, Intel Technologies, Bangalore
    Email: dheemanth.nagaraj@intel.com
  • Madhusudhan KM, CTO, Mindtree Ltd, Bangalore
    Email: Madhusudhan.Km@mindtree.com

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    has been carried out.